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The Restaurant
The Restaurant
Customer 1:
Customer 2:
Customer 3:
Waiter: Welcome, good afternoon
Customers: Good afternoon
(Waiter shows customers to seats and takes out notebook)
Customer 1: What would you like to eat?
Customer 2: Everything looks great. I like fish soup and egg. And orange juice to drink.
Customer 3: I like doughnuts.
Customer 3 to Customer 1: Do you like hamburgers?
Customer 1: Yes, I love hamburgers. Can I have a hamburger, please?
Waiter: Great. I'll be right back.
(Waiter returns and gives food to customers, including a bowl of water with a plastic fish in it.)
Waiter: Enjoy your meal!
Customer 1: Mmm, my hamburger tastes yummy.
Customer 2 (holding the fish up): Waiter, there's a living fish in my soup!!!
Waiter: Well, you did ask for fish soup!
(Enter thief)
Thief: Give me your money and put your hands up!
(Manager and waiter go behind waiter, take gun and put thief's hands behind his back)
Manager: You're going to the police station. Police!
(Police enters and takes thief away)
Manager: I'm really sorry about that. Can I give you some free dessert or fruit? What do you like?
Customer 1: Oh thanks, I like cake.
Customer 2: I like apples.
Customer 3: I like grapes and bananas.
Manager: Ok, here you are.
Customers: Thank you.


  Updated June 1, 2019

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