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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White:
7 Dwarfs:
Snow White: I am very beautiful.
Queen: I am very beautiful. This is my mirror. Mirror, Mirror, who is the most beautiful?
Mirror: Snow White is the most beautiful, my Queen.
Queen: I am angry. I want to be the most beautiful. Hunter, come her.
Hunter: Yes, my Queen.
Queen: I want you to kill Snow White.
Hunter: Yes, my Queen.
(Hunter takes Snow White to the forest.)
Snow White: Please don’t kill me, Hunter.
Hunter: You are very beautiful. I do not want to kill you. Bye-bye.
(Hunter returns to the Queen.)
Queen: Hunter, did you kill Snow White?
Hunter: Yes, my Queen.
(Snow White wanders in the forest.)
Snow White: I’m tired.
(Snow White falls asleep under a tree. Seven dwarfs enter.)
Dwarfs: Hello everyone.
Each Dwarfs (says one): I’m Happy. I’m Sad. I’m Hungry. I’m Thirsty. I’m Funny. I’m Frightened. I’m Sleepy.
Dwarfs: Oh, who is this? It’s a girl. She’s sleeping.
(Snow White wakes up.)
Dwarfs: Hello, come to our house.
Snow White: Thank you.
Queen: Mirror, Mirror, who is the most beautiful?
Mirror: Snow White is the most beautiful, my Queen.
Queen: I’m very angry. I will kill Snow White. (Queen picks up an apple.) This is a bad apple. If Snow White eats it, she will die.
Dwarfs (wake up): Snow White, we must go to work. See you later.
(Queen comes to Dwarfs house dressed as an old lady.)
Queen: Apples, apples, buy some apples.
Snow White: Give me an apple please.
Queen: Here is a big, red apple. It’s yummy.
(Snow White eats it and falls down. Queen goes away and the dwarfs return home.)
Dwarfs: Oh now, Snow White!
(A prince comes walking or riding by.)
Prince: Who is that beautiful girl?
(Prince goes over and kisses Snow White and she wakes up.)
Prince: From now on, the Queen will not be able to hurt you.
  Updated June 1, 2019

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