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The Frog Prince
The Frog Prince
Frog / Prince:
Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a princess who had a golden ball. On a hot day, she went to the garden and started playing with the ball.
(Princess plays with the ball and lets it fall)
Princess: Oops! My ball fell into the pool. (starts crying)
Frog: Why are you crying, Princess?
Princess: My ball fell into the pool. I have lost my beautiful ball.
Frog: I can help you. But I want you to be my friend and let me live with you.
Princess: Okay, I promise.
Narrator: Splash! The frog dived into the pool, found the golden ball and brought it to the princess.
Princess: Thanks, bye-bye. (exits stage)
Frog: Princess, wait. You promised.
Narrator: But the princess didn’t wait.
Narrator: Next day, at dinner, there was a knock on the door.
(Knock, knock, knock)
King: Who can that be?
Man: It’s a frog, sir. He wants to see the Princess.
King: Do you know this frog, Princess?
Princess: He rescued my ball from the pool and I promised he could live with me. But he’s so ugly. I don’t want to see him.
King: You must keep your promise. Open the door.
(Man opens the door.)
Frog: Give me your plate so I can eat.
(Princess gives the frog a plate; frog eats; princess makes a face.)
Frog: Now take me to your room so I can sleep.
King: The frog helped you; now you must help him.
Frog: Put me on your pillow.
(Princess puts the frog on her pillow and the frog changes into a prince.)
Prince: Don’t be frightened. I was turned into a frog by a wicked witch. Only a Princess could break the spell by letting me live with her.
Princess: Oh, let’s be friends then.
Prince: Okay.
Narrator: And they lived happily ever after.


  Updated July 9 2017

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