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A Dickens Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol



Bob Cratchet:

Tiny Tim:

Scrooge’s Nephew:

Bob Cratchet’s wife:

Jacob Marley:

Scrooge's former girlfriend:

Ghost of Christmas Past:

Ghost of Christmas Present:

Ghost of Christmas to Come:

Turkey Boy:


Scene 1: Scrooge’s Office


Bob Cratchet: Oh, it’s so cold in here. And it’s Christmas Eve. Mr. Scrooge, can I put some coal on the fire Sir?


Scrooge: Nonsense. Coal costs money. Do you want to make me a poor man? Now, let’s see. Mr. Smith has not paid his rent.


Bob Cratchet: But it’s not right to evict people on Christmas Sir.


Scrooge: What rubbish you say!


(Door opens and Scrooge’s nephew enters)


Scrooge’s nephew: A Merry Christmas, Uncle Scrooge.


Scrooge: Bah, humbug.


Scrooge’s nephew: Here’s a present, Uncle Scrooge.


Scrooge: Bah, humbug. Get away with you and your present.


(Scrooge pushes him out the door.)


Scrooge: And away with you too, Cratchet.


Bob Cratchet: I was wondering, Sir, if I could have a holiday tomorrow because it’s Christmas?


Scrooge: Christmas! Bah, humbug! Be here as usual at 7 o’ clock.


(Scrooge goes to bed on some chairs and starts snoring)


(Marley enters)


Marley: S-C-R-O-O-G-E, S-C-R-O-O-G-E


Scrooge: Ah, Marley! What are you doing here? You died 15 years ago.


Marley: I am a ghost, and see what heavy chains I carry! We were business partners and only cared for money. Now I suffer for it. Change Scrooge or you’ll end up like me. Tonight, you’ll be visited by 3 ghosts. C-H-A-N-G-E


(Marley disappears and Scrooge wakes up)


Scrooge: Bah, humbug. It was only a dream.



Scene 2- Bob Cratchet’s home


Cratchet’s wife: But I tell you Bob, tomorrow is Christmas. You should not have to go to work.


Tiny Tim: Hello Daddy.


Bob Cratchet: But we need money to pay for Tiny Tim’s doctor. I must go to work or Mr. Scrooge will fire me.


Cratchet’s wife: Oh, that old MR. Scrooge is so mean.


(Tiny Tim tries to walk and falls)


(Bob and his wife both run to pick him up)



Scene 3: Scrooge’s Bedroom


(Scrooge is sleeping and the Ghost of Christmas Past enters)


Ghost of Christmas Past: Wake up, Scrooge. I am the Ghost of Christmas Past. We must do some traveling.


(The Ghost takes him by the arm and leads him out of the room. Scrooge’s girlfriend enters and sits on a chair crying.)


(Scrooge and the Ghost re-enter.)


Scrooge: Oh, that was when I was 26. That used to be my girlfriend. She wanted to marry me but all I cared about then was money. We broke up. That’s why she’s crying.


Ghost of Christmas Past: Do you wish you had married her, Scrooge?


Scrooge: Yes, I do.


(The Ghost and Girlfriend leave the room, and Scrooge wakes up.)


Scrooge: Oh, another dream. Bah, humbug.


(Scrooge goes back to sleep.)




(The Ghost of Christmas Present enters. He is laughing and happy.)


Ghost of Christmas Present: Wake up Scrooge. Come with me.


Scrooge: Where are we going?


Ghost of Christmas Present: To your nephew’s. Hold on to my coat.


(They exit the room. Turn on the lights and set a scene for a Christmas party. Everyone is eating and drinking.)


Scrooge’s nephew: Let’s have a toast.


Everyone: For who?


Scrooge’s nephew: Why. To merry old Uncle Scrooge!


Everyone: But he’s so mean.


Scrooge’s nephew: All the more reason. To Scrooge!


(Everyone drinks)


Ghost of Christmas Present: Isn’t Christmas jolly, Scrooge?


Scrooge: It seems so, Ghost.


Ghost of Christmas Present: Well, I must leave you now.


(Dim the lights and Scrooge finds himself in his bedroom.)


Scrooge: I wonder when the next ghost will arrive.


(The Ghost of Christmas to come enters wearing black.)


Scrooge: Are you the Ghost of Christmas to Come?


(Ghost of Christmas to come nods)


Scrooge: What are you going to show me?


(Ghost of Christmas to come points and Scrooge sees Tiny Tim’s crutches.)


Scrooge: Oh, no Ghost. Is he dead?


(Ghost of Christmas to come points to gravestone and Scrooge sees his name. Scrooge kneels and holds Ghost’s leg.)


Scrooge: Oh no, Ghost, I can change, Oh no!


(Ghost of Christmas to come leaves and Scrooge wakes up to find himself holding a chair’s leg.)


Scrooge: Why, I’m alive. And it’s morning, Christmas morning.


(Turkey boy enters)


Scrooge: You there?


Turkey Boy: Me sir?


Scrooge: Yes, you. Go and buy me the biggest turkey in the grocery.


Turkey Boy: Yes Sir.


(Scrooge and Turkey Boy exit)



Scene 4: Bob Cratchet’s home


(Knock, knock, knock)


Cratchet’s wife: Who’s there?


Scrooge: A visitor.


Cratchet’s wife: Come in.


(Scrooge enters and gives the turkey to Mrs. Cratchet)


Scrooge: I hope you and Bob and Tiny Tim call all have a very Merry Christmas.


Cratchet’s wife, Bob, and Tiny Tim: Thank you, Uncle Scrooge. Merry Christmas too.

  Updated June 1, 2019

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