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Pictures of China3
Even Buddha needs to relax, as in this tile on the wall of Pota, a temple in Kaifeng

The walls of Pota are covered in tiles of 108 different designs. Pota is more than 1,000 years old, making it older than the Tower of London.

A reconstructed jailcart

This pool of lotus flowers in a temple in Kaifeng...

is actually a big cauldron.

In China, many footpaths are covered with carefully arranged stones that massage your feet when you walk on them. Apart from also providing an aesthetic effect due to the patterns in the mosiac, they also help the blind stay on the path.

Chinese medicine: seahorses are believed to help kidneys and are also used as an aphrodasiac. The price here is US$1.15 for a gram.
  Updated June 1, 2019

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